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Handdrawn "Shikishi" Board on Stream?!

Handdrawn "Shikishi" Board on Stream?!

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BIG Shikishi size is 16cms x 18cms! 
SMOL Shikishi size is 7.5cms x 7.5cms! 

Hi there friends!

At the massively popular request of many Baebees, I will be opening "commission-like" slots for:
-Saturday, November 11th 2023 stream at 1pm JST. 
-Monday November 21st, 2023 at 2:50pm JST.

-Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 at 6:00pm JST

-The next Shikishi Drawing date is June 25th at 6:30PM JST!

(Due to demand! Thank you!)

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase a listing (Either SFW or NSFW) / Big or Smol
  • Leave a comment in the form for what character(s) you would want me to draw. I can do a max of 2 characters! I want to be able to choose the posing/ positioning for more dynamic art!  

    For example, "Kazuma (The bee) is with the Kumoneso. They just lit a fire and are revelling in the chaos." is OK!
    "KLK's Ryuuko and Mako plz" is OK!
    "Kazuma cosplaying as L from Death Note, upside down eating cookies in front of the kumoneso while she is crying and begging for help in an inverted perspective" is a taaaad overzealous. Honestly, feel free to have fun with it and I'll let you know what I can do in the meantime. 
  • If I dont know the character / outfit, be prepared to send me a reference on Discord~
  • Backgrounds will be simplistic and fun, so up to me!
  • Watch the stream on the announced day to watch me work! (if you cant make it, no worry! The VOD will exist!~
  • Once completed and dried, the shikishi will be packaged for stability and shipped to you via AIRMAIL!
  • If NSFW, I may ask clarifying questions via Discord DM. I am originally a NSFW artist and want it to be really tasty for you, if you catch my drift. :)

-SFW choices will be drawn ON stream. 

-NSFW choices will be drawn OFF stream. If you just dont want me to draw your SFW choice on stream, thats ok, but NSFW must be selected :)

I will refer to your order by the ORDER NUMBER until you say its yours in chat for safety reasons. During the stream, I will be going in order of order numbers, and if you cant make it, I'll prioritize people who are in chat so we can chat about it there~ All SFW will be drawn on the same day. NSFW will be drawn on the day after, and all will be shipped out together on an announced date. (Paint bits may need to dry, might need a little more time to pack, etc.)

I look forward to making some art for everybee! I do have MORE slots available, I just want to pace myself to make sure that I dont burn out. I will add them as they exist.

Thank you!~

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